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September 16, 2016

Are you fat burning or time wasting? How to get the most from your cardio

Cardio is a huge factor in leaning out, but what type of cardio should you be doing? A lot of trainers have different opinions when it comes to what type of cardio exercise you should be doing to achieve the summer body.  I constantly see people at the gym or outside running like there is a zombie apocalypse or a briscoes closing down sale, but they’re not getting the results they deserve with the amount of effort they are putting in. Most people believe that the harder they work out, the more fat they will burn. Most people are wrong. […]
July 16, 2015

Tired of tasteless salads?

August 20, 2016
A holistic approach to exercise and nutrition
Over the last year Adam has become a part of our lifestyle. He takes a holistic approach to exercise and nutrition to keep training fresh and exciting with regular follow ups and flexibility when we are busy or in need of a challenge. The sessions at his well equipped home gym are full on, fun and motivational. Adam genuinely wants to see you achieve your personal goals and goes that extra mile to make it happen. We highly recommend him… Nicole and Andy – Husband (Lawyer) and Wife (Teacher)