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September 16, 2016

Are you fat burning or time wasting? How to get the most from your cardio

Cardio is a huge factor in leaning out, but what type of cardio should you be doing? A lot of trainers have different opinions when it comes to what type of cardio exercise you should be doing to achieve the summer body.  I constantly see people at the gym or outside running like there is a zombie apocalypse or a briscoes closing down sale, but they’re not getting the results they deserve with the amount of effort they are putting in. Most people believe that the harder they work out, the more fat they will burn. Most people are wrong. […]
July 16, 2015

Tired of tasteless salads?

June 10, 2016
As well as being a trainer he has become a life time friend
I started seeing Adam Early September 2014. I was going through a rough stage in my life with a relationship ending. I started off doing boxing for the first few weeks with Adam but that soon progressed into weights training and I went from 2, to 5 sessions a week with him. My aim was to build muscle and gain weight as I’m 6’5 in height and had struggled to gain throughout my life. I went from my first weigh in with him at 76kg to being 88kg by Christmas, only a few months later. I am currently 96kg and feel […]