New challenges and goals to keep me motivated

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August 20, 2016
I was very nervous it would all be beyond me
August 16, 2016
New challenges and goals to keep me motivated

I have always struggled with my weight, always looking for a quick fix. I was miserable and hated the way I looked. My self esteem and confidence were low, and I couldn’t face looking at myself in the mirror…

One day I had enough of feeling sad and depressed. It was time to take control and do something about my weight, but I knew I couldn’t do it on my own, that’s when I picked up the phone and called Adam. When I met Adam, I thought “well he’s going to wish he never met me” because I knew I would probably challenge him a lot, which I did, and I think I still do but he’s used to me now. But he was amazing. He just kept supporting and motivating me every step of the way. Always telling me to keep fighting and to never give up the fight. Pushing me when I thought I couldn’t keep going. He always sets new challenges and goals to keep me motivated to stay focused. Adam has given me a lot of pep talks along way when I wanted to give up. I wouldn’t have achieved my goals without his help. I am now stronger, fitter and healthier then when I first met Adam.

I have lost 15 kilos with Adam and gained some muscle. If you are wanting someone that will support, motivate and will never give up on you, Adam is the personal trainer for you. He’s amazing at what he does. You won’t regret having Adam as your personal trainer.

Thank you Adam for all that you have done to support me on my journey, you are a gem…

Dee (Health professional)

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