I was very nervous it would all be beyond me

New challenges and goals to keep me motivated
September 1, 2016
As well as being a trainer he has become a life time friend
June 10, 2016
I was very nervous it would all be beyond me

I have now been using Adam as my PT for the last 4 years.  After reaching my goal weight with Jenny Craig I decided that I needed to incorporate exercise into my ongoing plan.  I am not a person who loves exercise and during my life I have done very little. So to start at the age of 40, was very daunting!!  I started training with Adam twice a week.  He came to my house and we started by training slowly as I was very nervous it would all be beyond me.  This was great as it gave me flexibility around my own family and running my business. I then started training at his home studio.  I love the variety in what we do. No week is the same and I have come to enjoy exercise, which is something I never thought would happen! I have a 15 yr old son and a 9 yr old daughter and on occasions have brought them with me to training.  Adam is brilliant with them both and they become my training partner for that session.  I love the way that he is so accommodating with time changes or day changes when my working week becomes so busy.

Adam is a real help with Nutritional planning for me and I find his plans easy to follow, he goes the extra mile by even coming to my house to explain food preparation. I have weekly weigh ins and monthly measurements which keep me really focused.  I have achieved some great results and Adam is so supportive! He is always available by text at any time, when I am in the supermarket and unsure of what to buy or even if I am out for dinner and unsure of menu choices!  He has also helped me with my husband’s eating plan and we even managed to convince my husband to join us for a few training sessions!!

I am not a fan of the gym but really enjoy the whole holistic approach of having a personal trainer. I highly recommend Adams services.

Stephany Wofinden – Mother and Business Owner

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