I needed some help to change my unhealthy ways

I knew Adam was good but no way did I think he was that good
August 3, 2016
I needed some help to change my unhealthy ways

I’ve been seeing my trainer, Adam, since 2010. When I first saw him, I was underweight but I had a belly and I was feeling pretty low about myself so decided I needed some help to change my unhealthy ways. Adam put me on a training routine to reach my goal of building muscle mass and getting down to 10 per cent body fat. We focused mainly on weights and high intensity workouts and I was put on a nutrition plan. The food plan was the most important part to achieve my goal. I have a busy work schedule, I travel a fair amount and enjoy a social life but Adam manages to incorporate this into my food plan and even writes me a balanced food plan and exercise routine while I’m away. He’s professional and friendly and puts in the extra effort to help you achieve your goals. I see him three mornings a week and I’m now fitter and stronger than when I was 20 and I feel happier and more energetic than ever.

Tim Phin – Remix magazine Founder/ DJ

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