Online Eating Plans/Workout plans

You have the option to purchase a customised eating plan, workout plan, or both. These are tailored to your specific body type and goal.

Nutritional Plans

I do not provide generic eating plans as every person is different, and has different nutritional requirements. I will first need to find out a little bit about you and discuss your goals. Your custom meal plan will have a full break down of nutrients with options so you are not eating out of your comfort zone. The plan will include information like when you should eat, and how much…which will help eliminate some of the guess-work.

I aim to help you understand food, enabling you to make educated decisions in everyday life which will make the transition to a healthier lifestyle a lot easier.

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Workout Plans

A personal trainer is not always in the financial cards, and some of us prefer to work out on our own. To ensure that your precious time isn’t wasted in the gym doing the wrong exercises, why not get the next best thing to a PT with a personalized workout plan created for you by a pro. I will consult with you through email to discuss your goals and current exercise regime if any, and create a workout plan tailored to your goal.

There are various options available depending on your needs

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