Performed in your workplace, Business Bootcamps are fast-paced, high-energy, fun workouts designed to improve the health and fitness of your employees, whilst encouraging teamwork and camaraderie.

With workouts tailored to suit a range of fitness levels my Bootcamps provide sessions where staff members work alongside their colleagues, helping and encouraging each other through a range of exercises, increasing both their personal fitness levels and the sense of unity within the workplace environment.

Exercise releases endorphins promoting happiness and good mental health. Employees will have higher self-confidence and look to challenge themselves further, become better team players and show more leadership qualities.


The hardest thing for anybody who wants to lose weight or change their lifestyle is motivation. Studies have found that organized weight loss groups have a higher success rate than individuals do when attempting to lose weight. With shared motivation, encouragement, support and a bit of friendly competition you can see why!! Let’s be honest, most of your staff could probably use a boost in healthy living. Can you think of a better way to encourage team-work?

A Biggest Loser Challenge is a weight loss contest designed to help staff:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Learn about nutrition and our bodies needs
  3. Make healthy lifestyle changes
  4. Have fun and get fit
  5. Maintain weight loss

I can tailor a challenge around your specific needs. Generally, it would run over the course of 6, 8 or 12 weeks

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