Adam’s encouragement and motivation have kept me attending
July 1, 2016
Adam has the ability to match a work out to every level in the team
July 1, 2016
Fun as well as a challenge

I am one of the 3 original team members that have been training with Adam 2 nights a week after work for just over 3 years. I find that Adam always varies the routines and can tailor them within the class to suit different fitness and ability levels. Adam has an amazing ability to extend each person individually and gives just the right amount of positive reinforcement to make you want to try harder. The team atmosphere that is a key part of the “culture” ensures fun as well as a challenge and helps each team member when they have a “not so motivated” type day. This is particularly helpful on winter nights to keep us all motivated. Personally my fitness level has increased steadily over the 3 years and I intend to keep building on this base. I find this increased fitness and general health has real benefits in helping balance the busy lifestyle that most large city based people face these days.

Scott Bliss – Sales Executive – Keith Andrews

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