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September 16, 2016

Are you fat burning or time wasting? How to get the most from your cardio

Cardio is a huge factor in leaning out, but what type of cardio should you be doing? A lot of trainers have different opinions when it comes to what type of cardio exercise you should be doing to achieve the summer body.  I constantly see people at the gym or outside running like there is a zombie apocalypse or a briscoes closing down sale, but they’re not getting the results they deserve with the amount of effort they are putting in. Most people believe that the harder they work out, the more fat they will burn. Most people are wrong. […]
July 16, 2015

Tired of tasteless salads?

July 20, 2016
I needed some help to change my unhealthy ways
I’ve been seeing my trainer, Adam, since 2010. When I first saw him, I was underweight but I had a belly and I was feeling pretty low about myself so decided I needed some help to change my unhealthy ways. Adam put me on a training routine to reach my goal of building muscle mass and getting down to 10 per cent body fat. We focused mainly on weights and high intensity workouts and I was put on a nutrition plan. The food plan was the most important part to achieve my goal. I have a busy work schedule, I […]
August 3, 2016
I knew Adam was good but no way did I think he was that good
I first met Adam at work, he held a fitness class for any staff that wanted to come along. I attended every now and again and although I enjoyed being the class clown, making everyone laugh at how unfit I was and abusing poor Adam, I never really committed to the class. It wasn’t until my Father had a serious heart attack where we almost lost him that I realized I had to change my current lifestyle so I didn’t end up in a similar situation. I was the obese 70+ kg girl that would have chocolate and V energy […]
September 2, 2015
I would definitely recommend the 8-week challenge
I met Adam during a Biggest loser challenge in my workplace. We got chatting about my current training and nutrition. He blew me away with his knowledge of nutrition, especially when it comes to leaning out. This prompted me to try his 8-week challenge as it would work out perfect for me as I was heading to Europe in about that time. Adam detailed training plans for me which outlined the best times to train for both weights and cardio. These plans were easy to follow, and made my training much more focused and efficient. He also provided me with […]
August 25, 2016
I have changed my lifestyle and bad eating habits for good
I started training with Adam in 2014 to work towards achieving a bikini body for a trip to Thailand. In just 3 short months I got to where I wanted to be, and have been training with him weekly ever since. He worked with my specific needs and goals, and adjusted my diet and nutrition until I had a plan that worked for me. He’s really helped me put in the time and energy to get in shape, he encourages and challenges me to give it my all and is fun to train with. I can honestly say since training […]